Hearts and Hands' volunteers help relieve some of the stress caregivers experience by helping their loved ones get to medical appointments, run errands, and maintain their homes.

Andrew and David appreciated the assistance Hearts and Hands gave to their dear friend, Aurelie.

Dear Kathy and Staff,

Just wanted to say thank you for all you did for Aurelie. She really appreciated your help and she loved her visits from Hearts & Hands. I think she enjoyed the social part the most because it allowed her contact with the "outside" world. You also helped Dave and I because you were able to take Aurelie to the doctor when we could not. Your handyman helped with many projects over the years. I am so glad you guys are around to lend a helping hand with such warm hearts. Please continue you great work – you are truly doing God's work.

Andrew & David and family

I wanted to do something meaningful with my spare time after retirement. People depend on me; they're thankful for what I do and that's a good feeling.

Charlie Volunteer, Hearts and Hands