Inclement Weather Driving Policy

  • The decision to drive in bad weather is up to the volunteer. If a volunteer is assigned to a request and the weather conditions are not favorable at the last minute, the volunteer may cancel. The volunteer and/or the Volunteer Coordinator will inform the care receiver and it will be up to the care receiver to make their own arrangements at that point. The Volunteer Coordinator will not try to find another volunteer in this situation.
  • If there is a travel ban, volunteers must follow any guidelines put in place by local government and law enforcement. Volunteers are not permitted to transport anyone on behalf of Hearts and Hands under these circumstances.
  • When the weather forecast looks questionable, we advise volunteers to contact the care receiver again right before leaving to pick them up in case the care receiver has decided they do not want to go out or if their destination is closed. This becomes crucial for early morning requests where the care receiver may not be able to reach their Volunteer Coordinator before office hours.